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Monster attack
November 23rd, 2011, 12:00 pm

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September 17th, 2019, 12:19 am

Posted by Draven22
November 23rd, 2011, 12:27 pm

i sense deceit

Posted by epicness
November 23rd, 2011, 3:08 pm

@Panel 1 Oh that makes sense.

Posted by Bringer_of_light
November 23rd, 2011, 4:20 pm

what van said on last comic: you guys did look too deep into it.

They're scientists, they discovered it, duhhhhhh.

and yeah, neo doesnt have running poses yet :I

Hero of Comedy
Posted by Hero of Comedy
November 23rd, 2011, 8:14 pm

Wonder if the other parents found the digiworld the same way.
Hey, this is similar to the Data squad plot.

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