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Approaching 500...

Hi all!

As we approach comic 500, Neroe and Van have decided to make a "Question and Answer" video in regards to Digimon Saviors. You can ask questions regarding anything in the comic - plans for the future, questions directed at the characters or directed at the authors, basically anything. As long as they're good questions, we'll answer them!

To submit questions, either send a PM to Van or send them via ask.fm. The questions won't be published anywhere besides the video, however.

If you do decide to ask on ask.fm, please include your username! Unless, that is, you want to remain anonymous. In that case, please specify that you'd like this.
However, spam questions will be ignored.
Please try to ask good questions as well!

We'd like to get as many questions as possible that Neroe and Van can answer. And me, too. I've been dragged into helping them. (Not really, I volunteered to help.)

We're also looking to continue the Animated Series. It's been picked up for 12 or so episodes by the Van Publishing Company. We're looking for voice actors because of this, so if you're interested, send a PM to Van.

As you may have gathered, Van is now our fan ambassador. This means he's in charge of the relationship between the comic and the fans, and any questions/requests regarding that. So if you've got any questions or concerns about that, go ahead and send him a message.

I think that just about covers it! Here's to our 500th comic, coming soon-ish!

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